Dumanli Web Hosting

We recommend that you try our hosting service if you are complaining about the speed of your websites, low e-mail capacity, or lack of support.

Our servers are located in Turkcell Data Center, İstanbul, Turkey.

Disk Space
Total disk space which your account can have (your websites, e-mail accounts, databases) in our servers
20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth (Data Transfer)
Monthly maximum data transfer of your inputs and outputs in your account
200 GB
Number of Plesk Accounts
Number of total accounts (domain / website) which you can create
Plesk Account Management
Ability to manage all of your hosting accounts in one panel / Reseller management panel
Advanced Anti-Spam
Advanced anti-spam protection with SpamAssassin
99% Uptime Guarantee
If uptime of your websites are under 99% in a year, we give you 1 month hosting free
Annual Payment
Your payment for one year including VAT
1.500.- TL

Private Name Server
You can create and use private name servers under your account such as ns1.domain.com, ns2.domain.com

Plesk Control Panel
We give you Plesk control panel for managing all of the domains under your account as well as you can give your customers as a hosting panel

Web E-mail
You can read, reply or delete your mail messages by Roundcube in a webmail page

E-mail Aliasing
You can redirect all of your incoming mails to your other accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail

Automatic Reply
You can send an automatic reply to all of your incoming mails

Spam Filter
All of the mail accounts are protected by SpamAssassin

SMTP Port Access
You can work with your mail messages in any mail software such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, iOS mail, etc. You can send your messages by using our servers. You can use port no. 587 in your SMTP settings

POP and IMAP Usage
All of our e-mail accounts support POP and IMAP protocols

MX Settings
If you want to use the mail server of any other provider such as Gmail, you can change your MX records in Plesk easily

Web Based File Manager
You can move or rename your files, upload new files or delete them by Plesk File Manager

PHPMyAdmin Management
You can view, change or backup your MySQL databases by phpMyAdmin

Free SSL Certificate
Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is being installed to all of our accounts, there is no installation or usage fee as long as you keep your hosting service in our servers

Password Protected Folders
You can apply password protect to any folder you wish, you can create user(s) which has access to these protected folders by Plesk

Virus Protection
All of our servers are regularly being scanned for malware, spyware and virus threats

Daily Backup
Your website, email accounts, databases; your all data in our servers are backed up daily